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Steep and Chill – A Review October 14, 2010

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Steep and Chill

Steep and Chill, freezer core, and infuser

Living in the South, I’m a huge fan of iced tea.  However, there are a lot of times when I don’t think about the tea until I want it!  As you know, this can prove to be a huge problem for iced tea lovers.  You can brew really strong tea and add ice (which never manages to taste quite right), add ice and end up with really weak tea, or be patient and wait for the tea to cool (which is no fun!).

That’s why I was thrilled when Jasmere offered vouchers for a Steep & Chill.  I had never heard of the tea spot, or a Steep & Chill, but it sounded like it was just what I needed.  The Steep & Chill consists of three parts:  the pitcher, the infuser, and a freezer core.


Brewing Chart

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